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Kids in Preschool

Preschool Program

Based on years of experience, education, and best practices, we have created ideal learning environments designed for the best interest and well-being of children as they grow.  Our Preschool Room is for children who are 33 months to 6 years.

Our Preschool Program continues to contribute to each child’s learning and development.  With a focus on “School Readiness,” each day provides opportunities to encourage social and emotional development, language and literacy development, cognition and general knowledge, and overall physical well-being.

We do all activities and speak to the kids almost entirely in Spanish throughout the day. Both our teachers and the children take turns reading books to each other.

Our teachers encourage and answer questions about our world and engage in counting and number games.  We play games that help develop literacy skills, problem-solving skills, creativity, and imagination.  There is time for playgroups and group activities to develop social skills.  Children regularly work with classroom materials, including puzzles, scissors, coloring, and paints.  We use early childhood education curriculum materials for many of the activities.

Reading a Book

Children learn to read and write in both English and Spanish.


January 24, 2024

8:00 AM

Students arrive and have time to eat breakfast

Arrival and Breakfast


Puzzles, reading, dancing, singing and more

Free Play

9:00 AM

Students talk about their day, play instruments, sing, and dance

Music and Story Time

9:45 AM

Students have a morning snack time.

Morning Snack

10:15 AM

Students clean up and are encouraged to use the bathroom at this time

Clean Up Time

10:45 AM

Outdoor Play

Students take a trip to the local park or play in our outdoor playground. The children explore, discover, invent, and play

11:30 AM

Lunch time for students


12:30 PM

Students and teachers clean up, students are encouraged to use the bathroom at this time

Clean Up

12:45 PM

Students have 2 hours to take a nap and rest

Nap Time

2:45 PM

Students get up from nap time, they are encouraged again to use the bathroom at this time

Wake Up

3:00 PM

Students have a snack


3:30 PM

Students are able to explore, invent, and play

Outdoor Play

4:00 PM

Group activities often beginning with lreadomg reading.

Group Activity

4:30 PM

Students free play until parents and/or guardians arrive to pick them up.

Free Play and Pick Up

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