School Calendar 


Casa Esme will be closed on the following holidays (unless noted as closing early):

January 17: Martin Luther King Day (Monday)

February 21: President’s Day (Monday)

April 15: Good Friday (Closing at 1 pm)

April 18: Patriot’s Day (Monday)

May 30: Memorial Day (Monday)

July 4: Independence Day (Monday)
August 29 – September 5: Staff Vacation and Labor Day (Reopen Sept 6)

October 10: Columbus Day (Monday)
November 11: Veterans Day (Friday)
November 23: Day before Thanksgiving (Closing at 1 PM) (Wednesday)
November 24: Thanksgiving (Thursday)
November 25: Day after Thanksgiving (Friday)

December 23: Christmas Eve (Friday) (Closing at 12:30 PM) 

December 25 - January 1: Christmas Day and Staff Vacation (Reopen Jan 3)


Snow Emergencies

  • There is a Massachusetts state of emergency and people are asked not to drive.

  • Public transportation is shut down.

  • There is an Arlington snow emergency and parking ban. We have no parking lot for the teachers who drive in.

  • Our snow removal service cannot clear a safe entry to the school.

We do our best to remain open during snowstorms. We generally follow public school closings. Some of the factors that do not allow us to open are:


Staff Vacations

All family child care providers get a paid vacation. Parents pay for two vacation weeks a year.  Casa Esme is closed for a week in the summer, usually the last week in August; and the week following Christmas. Parents pay regular tuition during the vacation weeks, according to their usual weekly bill. If your child comes 3 days a week, then you’ll pay for two 3-day vacation weeks. When children are out for their family vacation at other times during the year you must continue to pay in order to hold your child’s place.