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Day Care


We invite any parent considering our child care to visit, review our many written recommendations, and speak with any of the 90 current and past families whose children we have safely cared for these last 20 years, and hear what they have to say.

Our daughter has been attending Casa Esme for just under 3 years and we couldn’t ask for anything more in a top quality daycare facility.  There are many aspects that we value in this center, a few highlights: loving and engaging teachers, full Spanish immersion, an impressive curriculum, emphasis on nutritious foods and eating habits, a structured day allowing time for many activities both indoors and out.

Karen M.

I’ve sent both of my children to Casa Esme since they were 5.5 months old. Casa Esme was recommended to me by a coworker who was moving away and had his 3 children in attendance. We checked it out with some apprehension since we were leaning more toward a center rather than a home setting, but Esme and her staff were so warm and attentive, we changed our minds. Our older daughter is entering preschool age now and we’re thrilled that Esme’s expansion project will accommodate her for another year. Our 3 year old has known how to write her name for quite some time. She carries on complete conversations in Spanish and knows some addition and subtraction in both languages. Our younger daughter understands Spanish and already knows how to count to 10, knows colors in both languages and both alphabets. Esme’s standard of care can’t be measured by skill bean counting, but rather the vibe you get from your children. Ours are happy to go to daycare, and talk about what they’ve learned at the end of the day. They are healthy and happy, and get more than just a classroom experience at Esme’s but a feeling of being sincerely cared for.

Christina M.

Case Esme is a genuinely fantastic place for entrusting your child to a Day Care.  Staffed by visibly warm, fun, and vibrant people, it really stands out compared to other options in the area.  Esme and Jeff make a safe, trusting, and comfortable environment.  My little two year loves going to “Esme’s” and comes home with stories, songs, and lots of new words.  We are very thankful to have found such a place.  My Mom ran a Day Care throughout my childhood which really informs my thoughts on how they run Casa Esme, which carries a smart balance of play and learning.  The staff really are great and go out of their way to make everything work, from schedule, to encouraging good behaviors, and beyond.   Overall, it is a most excellent place.

Jake K.

Esme’s home care environment is amazing. It is a blessing for the kids who are lucky enough to get a spot.

Dr. M.H.

We have been going to Casa Esme for almost 4 years now (we have a 4 year old and 2 year old enrolled there currently). We couldn’t be more happy with the excellent quality of care and the curriculum over these past years. What is very evident after having been there so long is that Esme and the teachers are warm, professional, and very caring for all of the children.  Our daughters look forward to going in the morning (which speaks volumes).  With respect to curriculum, our daughters always seem to be coming home wanting to share something new they have learned and, of course, the exposure to a second language is fantastic. Our oldest daughter is now fluent in Spanish and our youngest is on her way.  We highly recommend!

Darrell P.

Our toddler daughter has been at Casa Esme for a year and a half and has had a wonderful experience. Esme and her staff are caring and extremely competent. My daughter leaps out of my arms every morning when we arrive and I’m so impressed with how much she learns each day. She comes home singing new songs every few weeks and often tells me the Spanish word for various things when we read books together. Casa Esme is an absolute gem.

Sarah G.

Esme… has an unusual gift for caring for young children. She is gentle, even tempered, and extraordinarily patient. Casa Esme was a nurturing environment for our children. On a twice daily basis for a total of over 6 years, we observed that the facility was clean and safe. Furthermore, we observed that the staff was conscientious and professionally supervised.  We wholeheartedly endorse Casa Esme for professionally administered childcare services and vouch for the high quality of character of Esme.

Daniel O.

We have known Esme for nearly 3 years and have a wonderful opinion of her and her daycare… the quality of care she provides makes her daycare a true service to the community.

Dr. M.B.

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