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Image by Kristin Brown

Our Toddler Program

Based on years of experience, education, and best practices, we have created ideal learning environments designed for the best interest and well-being of children as they grow.  Our Toddler Room is for children who are 15-33 months.

The toddler program builds on each child’s skills, adding new physical and cognitive competencies.

Toddlers are keenly interested in exploring their world as they learn to live in a social environment with other children and adults.

We do all activities and speak to the kids almost entirely in Spanish throughout the day. There are organized circle times (curriculum periods) every day. The kids sit in their high chairs or at the play table and have an activity in art, music, drama, science (facts about animals, seasons, our world), cooking, numbers, making things with their hands, or using scissors.

We spend time reading stories in English and Spanish each day. Children learn counting, colors, foods, and animal names in Spanish. The kids play outside in our fenced in backyard play area twice a day, all year long.

We read stories in Spanish and English throughout the day.


A Toddler’s Typical Day

8:00 AM

Students begin to arrive

Arrival and Breakfast

8:30 AM

Toys, blocks, dolls, dancing and singing

Free Play

9:00 AM

talk about our day, play instruments, sing songs

Music and Story Time

9:45 AM

Students take time to have a snack or late breakfast

Morning Snack

10:15 AM

Bathroom and diaper changing time

Clean Up

10:45 AM

Explore, discover, invent, and play

Outdoor Play 

11:30 AM

Students eat lunch with their classmates, students typically bring their own lunches from home


12:30 PM

Bathroom and diaper changing time

Clean Up

12:45 PM

Kids lay down with the lights off and rest until wake up


2:45 PM

Students get up; bathroom and diaper changing time

Wake Up

3:00 PM

Snack time for students


3:30 PM

Explore, discover, invent, and play

Outdoor Play

4:00 PM

Group activity in art, music, dramatics, or science


4:30 PM

Students play with toys, blocks, dolls, etc. Until pick-up

Free Play 

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